Can a Building Automation System Save Your Business Money?

Building automation systems are incorporated in a professional way to run your business hyper efficiently, by not only making you more money, but by making your staff happier!

Now, how do building automation systems work exactly?

(Bas) systems help to regulate and automate many functions inside a building such as…

  • Lighting
  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Air Conditioning
  • Security Systems
  • Elevators
  • Maintenance
  • And More!

Automating these important systems not only keeps costs low, but also improves the safety and climate conditions of your entire building around the clock!

In this short blog, I’ll be going into further detail on how exactly building automation systems (BAS) can save your empire a whole lot of money!

Can a Building Automation System Reduce Energy Management Costs?

The average commercial building uses 35-40% of their energy costs for HVAC use. What if you could cut this cost in half? Most business owners would agree it would be worth the price of installing a building automation system for their business.

With a BAS you can control optimal temperature settings around the clock to keep costs low.

The average energy consumption in a building breaks down like this

HVAC - 35-40%
Lighting - 11%
Major appliances - 18%
Miscellaneous - 31%-36%

Most businesses experience excessive energy waste that can easily be fixed using a building automation system.

Can Building Automation Systems Improve Staff Work Performance?

The optimal work temperature for employees is around 20-26°C or (68-78°F)

By using a building automation system (BAS) you can adjust for the optimal work temperature for humidity and seasonal changes to keep employees happy and more productive.

Temperature is not only important during the working days, but at night too when little to no employees are present. Your BAS system can self adjust to keep energy costs low during the night by turning off or changing high-cost temperature draining systems.

Not only can a building automation system adjust for optimal temperature but it can also help improve indoor air quality aswell.
A BAS system can automate your indoor air quality and even alert for potential dangers like carbon monoxide and air pathogens.

If a potential danger is detected a building automation system can activate your air ventilation system to pump in fresh air.

Reducing Security Threats With Building Automation Systems

During an emergency an integrated building automation system can help you protect your occupants and sensitive valuables and information.

You can directly integrate your BAS to automate threat responses.
BAS can send alerts or trigger in the following ways.

  • Activate alarms for intruders
  • Trigger Fire responses
  • Send data to first responders and police
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Safety Messages
  • And More!

How Building Automation Systems Reduce Operating Costs

Operational Shutdowns and poor maintenance planning can cost businesses a fortune in unplanned expenses.

Your building automation system might be the answer to keep track of performance and maintenance should the need arise.
A BAS can tell you exactly what needs to be repaired an when, reducing overall maintenance costs and headaches.

You can also plan ahead, so you know when maintenance needs to occur. This helps your staff be more strategic and you can place workers more efficienty in your workplace.


Installing a building automation system into your place of work is an important step to not only save money, but improve workers happiness, productivity, and security.

Looking to upgrade your current BAS system or add one to your place of work?

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