Water And Waste Treatment Plant

Water And Waste Treatment Plant

Searching for the best water and waste treatment plant automation in Saint Adolphe? Tristar Automation helps you prevent dangerous water pollutants and water shortages from becoming a bigger problem, with the latest water and waste treatment technology.

Some of our solutions include sending alerts for filtration issues that might arise or notifying you of potential repairs that need to happen which can help with less downtime.

TSA will make sure you have the best water and waste solutions that keep you up to date with important diagnostics. We can help you with installing or upgrading you to the latest technology including…

  • Control systems in water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Pumping stations
  • Lift stations
  • And More

Tristar Automation is working with businesses across Manitoba Canada for their water and waste treatment plans. Some of our major projects include the Montcalm pumping station upgrades and the Thompson Water Treatment Plant.

Our in-depth team also provides detailed technical solutions such as:

  • PLCs
  • MCCs
  • VFDs
  • soft starters
  • control panels
  • All types of instrumentation

We provide calibration, programming, commissioning, and communications for off-site alarming by phone, email, or text and remote graphical accessibility via PC or smartphone.
TSA also offers ongoing monitoring and support.

If you are looking for water and waste treatment plant automation near me, call us today.

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