Robotics Automation System

Considering integrating robots into your production lines? Searching for a robotic integrator in Saint Adolphe?

Tristar Automation can help with initial feasibility studies, selection of robots, robotics integrator, and programming, after-sale service as well as training.

We have worked with welding applications, palletizing, and vision systems for part inspections and measurements.

Here’s how our robotics systems can help you improve work efficiency

  • Improving precision and accuracy on work projects and manufacturing
  • Improve consistency and speed
  • Increase the quantity of production items
  • Less downtime (productive evenings/weekends)

TSA’s Robotics Systems can also help with workplace safety and prevent dangerous liabilities.

  • Robotics Capable of lifting heavy loads without injury
  • Robotics Work in hazardous conditions (chemicals, heights, dark areas)
  • Reduce accidents and liability claims

Not only can robotics systems provide you with more workplace safety and efficiency, but also cost savings!

  • Robotics reduce wasted material due to accuracy
  • Robotics produce higher volumes of products at a lower cost
  • Reducing worker comp claims
  • Reduce overhead and overtime payments

Robotics is an efficient investment for any growing company that wants to expand. By reducing repetitive tasks and overhead, robotic system integrators play an important role in increasing a company's overall profit margins.

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