Machine Safeguarding

Looking for a machine safeguarding service in Saint Adolphe? Tristar Automation has completed safeguarding hundreds of machines with light curtains, fencing, and all types of interlocks to ensure your employees are protected and safe.

Here’s why machine safeguarding is critical for your workplace

  • Reducing And Controlling Workplace Hazards
  • Reducing Work Liabilities
  • Passing Workplace Inspections
  • Improve Workplace Productivity
  • Keeping Workers Safe From Injury

Machine Safeguarding can prevent dangerous workplace incidents like amputations, crushed limbs, blindness, burns, cuts, and other dangerous injuries.

The benefits of safeguarding your machines outweigh any downsides. Workers who feel safe often have better productivity and less downtime. By having machine safeguarding in your workplace, you can also reduce worker absentee rates and improve overall work efficiency.

Tristar Automation works in facilities that include aerospace, steel manufacturing, chemical, and fertilizer plants, to name a few. We work across Canada and the United States and can quickly and efficiently install these systems adhering to and exceeding government standards.

If you are looking for the best machine safeguarding service near me, call Tristar today.

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