Your Ultimate Guide to Selecting a Building Automation Company

Your Ultimate Guide to Selecting a Building Automation Company

There are multiple benefits to the integration of smart technology into building infrastructures, solidifying building automation as an industry standard. From optimizing energy consumption, to creating energy efficiencies, to enhancing security measures, the use of building automation goes well beyond a trend and provides you with an effective solution to meet your everyday needs both now and in the future. 

What Makes Your Building Unique?

Every structure comes with its own nuances and quirks, building systems and equipment vary, building functions and services differ, as well as the needs of its occupants. Knowing your unique needs will enable you to find a company specializing in implementing clever solutions to meet your needs. Are you operating a high-tech data center with unique cooling requirements, or perhaps a residential complex that requires sophisticated security features? Understanding your unique needs will help you to determine the building automation solutions for you and will greatly influence your selection criteria.

The Overlooked Importance of User Interface

Building automation is only as effective as its least tech-savvy user. Take the time to examine the software and control interfaces that come with your automation system. Are they user-friendly? Could your least tech-savvy employee navigate them without a hitch? Opt for systems that simplify tasks for all users, not just those well-versed in technology. The software should allow you to find the right features easily, with a layout that is clear, simple to navigate and provides a great user experience. 

How Agile is the Building Automation Company?

It is important that you have a partnership with a building automation company that has a history, and through the rapid technological changes and has adapted and grown. They should provide you with a partnership well into the future. Scrutinize the company's track record and history including projects completed and references.

Are they agile and adaptable? Partnering with a building automation company that is resistant to change could result in your system becoming obsolete faster than you'd like. You should feel confident that the company you select can collaborate with you to make automation a strategic priority that provides a scalable process that can meet your needs both now and well into the foreseeable future. 

Dig into the Data: Building Automation Analytics and Reporting

Data alone is not always helpful, but when that data is organized in a meaningful way that allows you to use past and real-time data to monitor energy trends, this can become a powerful tool. These analytics can provide you with an invaluable insight into your building's performance.

Using integrated intelligent analytics you can transform raw data to analyze performance and create strategies for improving energy efficiencies. Building automation can integrate multiple systems and provide you with analytics and reporting data that provides a holistic view of the systems and how they interact. The reporting can be predictive and provide critical insight to allow your company to achieve higher efficiency and can be a game-changer for your operation.  

Building Sustainability: More Than Just a Buzzword

With rising environmental concerns, sustainability is no longer a "nice to have" but a necessity. How does the building automation company approach sustainability? Do they offer solutions that are energy-efficient and help you achieve green building certifications? Building automation can contribute to maintaining a healthy environment, reducing emissions, reduction of water and energy consumption all while increasing comfort, convenience and savings for all stakeholders. 

Automation Resilience and Reliability

Building automation systems are highly interconnected which provides you with a holistic approach to multiple systems. These systems are meant to optimize energy, protect equipment, ensure efficiencies, and keep workers safe. These systems are highly interconnected so it is therefore important to inquire about a company’s provisions for system redundancy, fail-safes, and their protocols for quick recovery in the event of a systems failure.  

Open Systems Vs. Proprietary: What's Your Pick?

Some companies offer open systems designed for easy integration with products from other manufacturers. Others provide proprietary systems that might offer a more streamlined experience but could limit your choices for future upgrades. Weigh these options carefully in light of your long-term plans.

Legal Compliance and Standards In Building Automation: What you need to know

Ensuring that your chosen system is in compliance with all relevant local, national, and international standards is critical. This extends from building codes to data protection laws. There are serious legal and financial implications if your system is non-compliant. During your selection process, always ask for certifications, accreditations, or other forms of proof to confirm that the company's products meet all regulatory requirements.

Backup and Data Recovery: The Unsung Heroes of Building Automation

While the spotlight often falls on real-time monitoring and energy efficiency, backup and data recovery are equally crucial. As your building systems become more integrated and generate large volumes of data, the need for robust backup and recovery solutions are paramount. Ensure that your prospective automation company has a comprehensive plan for these contingencies.

Employee Training and Onboarding

A smooth transition to a new system is largely dependent on how comfortable your team is with it. Educate your employees on how automation will help them and the company move forward. Make sure the company priorizes comprehensive training for staff and provide easy-to-understand documentation to help them feel confident in the knowledge they need to succeed. This can make a world of difference in how efficiently your new system is adopted.


Choosing the right building automation company involves much more than cost analysis and feature comparison. It's about finding a true partner who understands the unique challenges and opportunities your building offers. With these considerations in mind, you'll be better positioned to make a decision that stands the test of time.

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