Montcalm Pumping Station Upgrades

The Montcalm Pumping Station Upgrades included construction of a below grade flow meter chamber, installation of new wastewater pumping units and replacement of the stations entire electrical, controls, and mechanical systems.

electrical and controls installation, control panel construction, programing, SCADA integration, calibration, testing and commissioning. The electrical system included installation of a new 800A switchboard, control panels, 100 hp VFD  panels , reconstruction of an existing MCC, instrumentation, and base building electrical systems.

The controls system included a SCADA Pac RTU, Magelis HMI, Endress and Hauser Instrumentation (RTD Temp. Transmitters, Hydrostatic Level Transmitter, and Magnetics Flow meters,) VFD’s and Soft Starters. PLC and HMI Programming was provided for the pumping systems, lighting, and ventilation system was provided according to customer’s functional specification and programming standards. System interface is provided via the local HMI and integration with the City of Winnipeg Central Clear SCADA system. The integration was provided via a telephone and wireless connection.

Project Info


City of Winnipeg

Project Name:

Montcalm Pumping Station Upgrades


Archibald Ave Winnipeg MB

Project Type:

Bid Spec

General Contractor:

Nelson River Construction


SNC Lavalin