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Tri-Star Automation, a system integrator in Winnipeg, Manitoba, recently worked with a company to upgrade its 8-axis, 12-tool machines (five total) that remove weld beads from 90-degree inner and outer corners of PVC window frames. The end user designs, produces, and distributes a variety of doors, windows, wall systems, home repair and remodel components, and shower enclosures.

These “Corner Cleaner” machines use multiple knife blades and other cutting/scraping tools to clear leftover beads from joints made on the windows. The machine operator first programs profiles of different window sizes and shapes, which the machine then verifies. This is followed by the fully automatic cleaning of welds on two corners simultaneously using the machine’s cutting tools.

Since the original machines were breaking down frequently, and many products in them were obsolete, the window manufacturer had to have six machines available just to keep four of them running at a time. This made modernizing the machines’ servos and controls an urgent need.

The manufacturer contacted TriStar, an Omron partner, to retrofit the machine and perform the installation and programming. Tri-Star has a very strong, longstanding relationship with Omron and highly recommends its motion control platform for its reliability and ease of programming. For this reason, Omron was the obvious choice for the servo and control technologies required in this project.

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Omron Automation